Animal Kingdom
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Abused, neglected and unloved animals
All endangered fish and animals
All the mother and father animals struggling to feed their children
Animal Experiments
Chicken battery farms
Cruelty towards animals, killing them, slaughtering them etc. by humans
Dog abuse in Greece
Dog abuse in Spain
Dogs and cats tortured in Asia
Dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan
Healing, USA
Homeless animals
Industrial farm animals
Killing of fin whales in Antarctic
Laboratory research animals
Love and respect for ALL of the animals all over the planet
Orangutan-killing, Indonesia (Borneo / Sumatra)
Orangutans in Borneo
Paradise Springs stray dogs, Desert Hot Springs, California USA
Polar Bears
Polar Bears drowning and losing their habitat
Protecting all nature, animals and organisms living in the underwaterworld
Protection of animals from any harm, Monteverde,Costa Rica
Protection of the dolphins/whales
Sea Life in all oceans
Siberian tiger, Russia
Situations animals have to live in for meat, dairy, eggs and testing
Stop cruelty to animals
The Bees
The Birds
The Massacre of elephants
The Trees
The animals that are affected by the nuclear disaster of Fukushima in Japan
The animals who suffer because of mankind
Whale killing
Whales and the Dolphins suffering from military sonar and pollution
Wild horses in France
Wolves being cruelly slaughtered for sport in the USA


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