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Aboriginals AU

Central Desert Mutujulu VERY SERIOUSLY distressed Aboriginal Community, AU
Daly River Aboriginal Community in serious distress, AU
Dora Aboriginal Elder looking after children and protecting them, AU
Harry Nunkari Aboriginal Medicine Man needing great Support, AU
Juju W. Aboriginal elder needing great medicine support, AU
Kalumbaru A seriously disturbed Aboriginal Community, AU
Kimberly Seriously distressed area for Aboriginal people, AU
Kunannara Aboriginal Community one of many seriously disturbed areas, AU
Nura Aborigial Elder Needing healing from Stroke, AU
Wilcannia one of many Aboriginal communities that is in serious turmoil, AU
Windcreek... Aboriginal Community in deep distress..., AU



3rd highest incident of land mines, Columbia
3rd most violent country, Columbia
70 years of civil war, Columbia
A beautiful humanity of peace and love
A broken heart
A fearful society
A pain-free old age
A save, healthy and original life for Warli people in India
Ability to get education or follow devotion
Aboriginal community
Aboundance for all
Absence of peace in thinking, being, acting, having...
Abundance for All on Earth
Abuse and oppression of all females
Abuse of women
Acquiring inner peace
Acts of violence
Adolescent children
Africa and Maghreb
Afro Americans
Aids victims in Africa
Al Qaeda and Bin Laden Afghanistan
All abducted girls
All beings wandering in the dark
All children who are separated from their father
All fanatics from every religion or non religion
All orphans in all worlds
All our relations
All people affected by alcoholism
All people in Haïti
All people of Senegal
All people seeking balance
All people suffering with mental illness
All people waiting in death cells
All people who are lost and confused
All people who are suffering and are in need of love and assistance
All people who are undergoing a medical surgery
All people who suffer from being too much in the self
All people with burns
All people with poor eyesight
All politicians & governments
All sentient beings who are searching and suffering in the universe
All sentient beings who want to forgive all the negative karma in the universe
All sick people
All suffering beings worldwide
All the children in this world
All the evil in the world
All the homeless children
All the mothers and fathers struggling to feed their children
All the ones that misuse power
All the people and families in the US and abroad being affected by the current US immigration laws
All the people in war-torn countries
All the refugees in Georgia
All the single mothers
All the women and children who suffer from rape and violence
All those involved in the attack on May 22 in Brussels
All those who are without jobs and are scared
All those with multiple sclerosis
All victims of incest
All victims of sexual abuse
All victims of the vulcano outburst in Java Indonesia
All who are old and demented, as well who are demanding
All young people all over the world
Alzheimer's disease
American government
Anna Hazare in India
Armed conflict in South Sudan
Armed conflict in Syria
Atakpamé in Togo
Attract abundance
Awakening to the greater number of living beings
Babies not yet born with a heart murmur
Bank leaders
Barack Obama
Being free from expectations
Betrayal and disillusionment
Bring humanity to a higher consciousness
Brutal and relentless violence caused by criminal gangs against general population
Bus accident in the tunnel of Sierre in Switzerland
CEO and big company executives and stockholders
Cargill Company destroying Rainforest, Paraguay
Chan Chich and Gallon Jug communities Orange Walk District, Belize
Child abuse
Child soldiers in Afghanistan
Child soldiers in Africa
Child victim of rape: the flight of innocence
Child welfare
Children diagnosed with ADHD
Children in institutes
Children of parents using violence in their houses all over the world
Children with AIDS
Children with mental diseases
Childrens education
China and the Chinese government
China for oppressing Tibet
Chinese government
Chip on the shoulder and excessive fear thoughts
Civil war in Congo
Civil war in Rwanda
Civil war in the Ukraine
Clear awareness for young people of the earth, our children, for humanity
Communist Party of China destroying practitioners of Falun Gong
Community of heirs
Congo Brazzaville
Conjugal relationship
Conscious nutrition teaching
Corporations Chevron & Total supporting dictatorship in Burma
Crackdown in Pakistan
Crisis and difficulties in Egypt
Dancing in Germany and worldwide
Demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Depressed soildiers from the war
Depression anxiety in Nebraska USA
Destruction of old forest in Tamar-valley, Tasmania
Dhule, India
Discover your calling/service, Harrisonburg va
Disease, Germany
Disorders of the Brain and Nervous System
Distribution of wealth
Domestic violence between man and woman, parents and children, humans and animals in Amsterdam, NL
Drepung Gomang Monastery, blesssings for all
Drug Abuse in the USA
Dying people
Dysfunctional families / mothers and daughters humiliated, ridiculed
Earthquake Iran
Education in India
Elder people in homes
Emotional abuse and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, USA
Employment problem in Ivory Coast
End-of-life support and new life
Ending racism in the USA
Enlightened Decision Making by our government officials
Environmental destruction of the water, the land, animals, plants and all life
Erika Wachswerke Fulda, Germany
Estella's cafe, Las Vegas, NM
Ethics of scientists
Everyone taking responsibility for their own life
Family Court Directions Hearing
Family problems
Family problems, IN
Famine and drought
Famine in Uganda
Fear about financial well-being and security in America and across the world
Fear of death
Feminine energy
Fighting parties in Colombia
Financial difficulties
Financial moral poverty
Financial security
Financial situation in Guadeloupe
Finding a happy family life with my children
Finding my way
Finding treatments to cure cancer for always
For all misunderstanding around religions
For all sick persons convicted by medicine, and who still want to live in France and around the world
For all those suffering from alcoholism and addiction
For all those who heal although doctors have said that it was not possible
For miraculous healings to occur
For miricles to occur
For people in remission from cancer
For people with schizophrenia
For poverty
For the Keepers of the Night Rainbow, Molokai, Hawaii
For the conscious realization of our potentials and talents
For the healthcare system
For the political awakening of men in detention decision of large countries
For the realization of our potential and skills, increased confidence and mental balance
For those seeking their spiritual path
For those who can not forgive
For those who have heavy medical treatment
For those who hope and perseverance and believe that Heaven will help
For those who realize that they were wrong
For those who were told that they were too old to take a new job
Free the man of my life In Colombia
Freedom and peace in Egypt
Freedom from fear
General protection for all persons in Togo
Genocide in Darfur
Great expansion of love, joy, peace and creativity
Great mother earth
Greed and ignorance of men
Grief, unspeakable emotional pain
Haiti and all the Haitin allover the world who need to hear from their loved ones
Happy marriage in India
Healing a difficult relationship
Healing for all beings
Healing hiv all over the world
Healing mental illness
Healing of the body
Healing the sense of desolation
Healing, Quebec
Healing, USA
Health and Finance
Health and Welfare damage from Forest Fires in New Mexico
Health for All
Health for all people in Mumbai India
Help for the dead to cross over to the other side
Helping humanity
Helping the people of Mozambique overcome poverty and strife - into light and love
Herniated disc
Home care for the great grandmothers
Homeless people
Homosexual discrimination worldwide
Hopelessness and poverty in Cobleskill, New York
Human rights in Tibet
Humanity People
Humanity in Australia
Ignorance of our divine origin
Illumination in Congo
Impending waste of huge money for someone's mistake in India
Improve the lot of refugees
In all the places in India
Indians in Peru
Inner peace for everyone
International boundary conflict in India, China and Pakistan
Iran and its population
Jats that are indulging in violence Hisar Haryana India
Jobs, India
Justice for all
Kindness and compassion within each other
Kogi's Elder Brothers
Kuala Lumpur
Lack of Ethics and Justice in Switzerland
Lack of focus and discipline
Lack of love and compassion for one another, Southern California, USA
Lack of self-confidence
Lack of work
Lightguides for the deceaseds
Lord's Resistance Army
Love and Light to our fathers and mothers Aborigines
Love between all living beings everywhere in the world
Love for all living beings and peace on earth
Low self esteem and brutality with legal situations
Luck In My Life
Mahabalipuram Temple Bay protection of Tsunami victims, India
Marital problems in Chennai, India
Marriage in risk
Material abundance in Burkina Faso
Materialism in Singapore
May all be freed from fear
May all children in Africa and India be fed
May all shine the light of love and compassion and illumine the universe
May peace and love reign in Guadeloupe
May we all see one spirit in all
Mental Healings, Holland
Mental disbalance
Mental peace, Nigeria
Mentally disturbed in India
Metro train crash 9 dead 80 injured, 12 children lost their mothers, Takoma Park Maryland, USA
Mining in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Miracles to occur everywhere
Misuse of power
More love, peace, happiness, nurturing, food, water and stability for all children and young people and all living beings on Mother Earth
Mothers and daughters strongly at peace within and one another
Mourning in Zurich
Myanmar (Burma), Democracy back
Myanmar (Burma), crackdown
Myanmar, Buddhist monks in Rangun
Myanmar, Burmese monks and Burmese People
National unity and peace in Lebanon
Native American tribes
Negative thoughts
Neighbors come together in peace to create good in North Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Nervous diseases associated with lack of love in childhood
No fears
Nomadic Penan Tribe in Borneo, Malaysia
Nonviolence, Strasbourg, France
North Korea
North Uganda, Fugitive children and people
Not being blinded by illusions anymore
November 13, 2015 attack
Nuclear threat in Japan and the world
Opening of consciousness
Opening of the Heart
Opening of the heart and purify the intellect, Starting with myself
Oppression and harassment in Canada
Our Ancestors
Our ability to resist malice, depression, procrastination and sluggishness, Columbia University, New York
Overcoming food addiction
Pain of impossible love
Parents having good relationships with their children
Peace and Prosperity in Egypt
Peace and an end to suffering for our Planet and our Hearts
Peace and awakening for the whole humanity
Peace for the Ivory Coast
Peace for women
Peace in India
Peace in Kashmir
Peace in Syria
Peace in Venezuelar
Peace in my marriage
Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Peace of heart
Peace of mind and prosperity
Peace, love and restoration for Tibet and India
Peace, love, agreement, forgiveness, light
Peace, peace, peace for Kenya
People addicted to drugs and alcohol
People facing depression in India
People in pain and isolating themselves in anger, French-speaking Switzerland Fribourg broye
People of Belize, Central America
People of Hungary
People of India
People of Irak
People of Uganda
People who give an example
People who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood: that they may heal
People who lie to themselves
People with money problems
Permanent work to poor family
Personal health problem (nervous and mental problems)
Persons with a diagnosis of cancer
Pessimism and self loathing
Physical and mental health
Political candidates in the USA
Political leaders all over the world
Political, social and economic upheaval in the United States of America
Port Phillip Bay in Australia and its destruction through company from Netherlands
Power company Eon, ENBW, RWE, Vattenfall and their rigid way of exploitation in Germany
Prabhuvati and her orphans in India
Preserve fresh water in Virginia
Prisoners everywhere
Projection of fear to people who think different
Prosperity in Benin
Prosperity in Togo
Protected home for young people in Krivitsa, Bulgaria
Protection of children
Purification of the earth
Purify the body, the school system and professionally in France and Gabon
Put love in the hearts of men.
Queensday victims,familly,and all beloved ones, Apeldoorn,the Netherlands
Racial discrimination
Reconciliation between men in the world
Regain confidence
Rehabilitation of the female as the bearer of life and the future
Relationship issues
Relief from pain
Religious discrimination
Remove all shadows of suffering so that all beings experience happiness
Repayment of debt
Residents in USA that experienced flooding
Return to the divine source
Revolution in Libya
SachaDham, India
Sadashiva, Mumbai, India
Safety for the traveling man
Sattvic food production
School systems
Schools for children
Security in Nigeria
Serenity in the body
Serious surgery
Sexual abuse
Slum kids in Guatemala
Social ills, aggression, disrespect, hard heartedness, broken hearts in Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Spiritual Awakening Worldwide
Spiritual healing for the evil and greedy ones
Spiritual healing of those who are evil and greedy
Strength to accomplish everyday challenges
Stuck in self-scared, Baltimore Maryland USA
Students in distress in Hungary
Sufficient emergency assistance to people in a disaster
Suicidal people
Suicide terrorists
Support for the awakening of consciousness, joy and peace for the smaller.
Suyderhuys health workers in Netherlands
Syrian conflict
That people with Parkinson's disease are well cared for
That the divine light fills us with joy
The ascension of humanity
The awakening of humanity to the horrors of the material world ruled by the elite
The awakening of the human heart
The beings who left their bodies
The deceased
The destruction of human life
The employees of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Köln (national employment office)
The end of terrorism
The extermination of the Osetian people by Georgian military
the heart
The heart of everyone, everywhere
The lack of focus and discipline
The liberation of the family karma
The lonely and sick ones
The people in Trincomalee
The people of Madagascar
The relatives of beings who have left their bodies
The return of our children
The revelation of the light in all beings
The univers
The war between Israel and Palestina
Those dying of thirst and starvation in Horn of Africa
Those who do not want to forgive
Those who seem to be a victim of others
Tibet and Tibetan people
Tibetan people in exile all over the world
To worry
Traffic accidents cascade in Ivory Coast
Truth about the New World Order, EUROPE
Tsunami victims in Japan
Ukraine flu
Unconditional love
Unconsciousness of mankind
Unemployment in the Philippines
Unemployment, Germany
Unemployment/ poverty/ despair in Harrisonburg VA
Universal love
Universal raised consciousness everywhere
Victims Paris
Victims of Black Magic / Witchcraft Satanist
Victims of Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh
Victims of Cyclone in Burma
Victims of Dam in Brazil
Victims of Forest fires in Australia
Victims of black magic/ satanist sorcery
Victims of earthquake in China
Victims of flood in New Orleans, USA
Victims of floods in Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico
Victims of terrorist attacks
Victims of the laser accident in Denmark
Village Karang Mendapo in Indonesia
Violence and increasing conflict in Gaza and the middle east
Violent girl-gangs
Violent relationships
Voice problems
War and prejudice throughout the world
War in Abhazia
War in Jerusalem
War, Syria
We are all here and now Buddha
Wealth and prosperity
Wealth in Togo
Well beeing for all the children
Who am I
Wide spread violence and cruelty, poverty and hatred in Darfur, Africa and the surrounding areas
Will to live, will to die fulfilled
Wisdom and Strength to overcome the economic difficulties and social disintegration we are experiencing in Portugal and the whole world
Women of the world
Women reconciled
World Peace
World leaders
World peace
Young heart patients
Zimbabwe, entire country, people, land and animal


Animal Kingdom Humanity Nature Natural disaster Other